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We assess & learn about the unique learning nature of every child. We address their unique needs with solutions that are valid, reliable, standardized, effective, personalized & affordable.

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UNLOCK Digital 
UNLOCK Digital 
World's 1st Personalized Learning & Talent Building Platform
Experiential Learning, Parent-Child Bonding & Online Competition Platform
<p>UNLOCK Talent Center</p>

UNLOCK Talent Center

A Weekend Training Program for Kids to Identify & Build Talent, Develop Mental Abilities


A Comprehensive "Stream & Career Selection Assessment" for Grade IX-X
<p>UNLOCK PTM for Schools</p>

UNLOCK PTM for Schools

A unique PTM tool for Schools based on Cognitive Data Science
World's 1st Multiple Skill Development 

Training Program for Children

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Dr.Jagdish Gandhi 

Founder, City Montessori School, Lucknow 

“We need a broader bolder education model for the 21st century; which is holistic in nature, includes experiential learning and encompasses all three realities of a man - material, human and divine.”

Major General Sanjiv Varma ,VSM (retd.)

Director YPS Patiala

“Economies are going to require thinking and not just knowledgeable individuals. The same requires an environment conducive to learning wherein the uniqueness in each child is appreciated and developed.”

Dr.Jagpreet Singh

Headmaster, PPS Nabha

“An ideal learning environment should be providing the means and not thrusting the ends. Not every child is made for every job but there is at least one job or one field for every child. The earlier the child finds out that field, the better.”

Ms.Suniti Sharma

Principal, Maharani Gaytari Devi Public School, Jaipur

“Each child is unique and constructs knowledge in his own way.”

Mr.Prashant Kumar Goyal

Director General, Punjab School Education Board

“The purpose of education cannot be limited to employability; developing reasoning and life skills is of paramount importance.”

What's the secret behind most successful people in this world? Is it their degrees, diplomas, grades, schooling, hard work, destiny, family background, or something else!. We identified three common factors - Successful people work around their natural ability, possess better cognitive abilities & learning skills, have self confidence. This defines our approach to research.

CRACS - This is Our Story

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Unique & Creative
Every learner is unique, so are our solutions, out of box, unique & creative
Standardized & Scientific
All our products are standardized, valid & reliable
Simple & Affordable
Easy to implement, result oriented & cost effective solutions

We develop, design & deliver those products that can measure & enhance human cognition.