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We test, assess & learn about the unique learning nature of every child. We offer solutions that are highly effective, personalized & affordable.


enabling self confidence

What's the secret behind most successful people?

Is it their degrees, diplomas, school marks, hard work, destiny, family background, money or something else .. Nothing but only three common factors

Successful people work around their natural ability, have better mental abilities & quick learning skills

This makes them better learners. Better learners are better performers. Performance gives self confidence. Self confidence is the root of success.

CRACS - This is Our Story

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Home Based Programs for Parents

Kids Unlock
Kids Unlock
For Nursery to Grade 8 

To identify & build hidden talent, learning skills, mental abilities 

For Nursery to Grade 9 

Monthly online competition platform for talent development

Solutions for Educators, Schools, Guides & Trainers

<p>Unlock PTM "Data Science Tool"</p>

Unlock PTM "Data Science Tool"

For Nur-Grade 8 Students

An application for schools & teachers to make sure every student performs to the potential

<p>StreamPik Assessment Platform</p>

StreamPik Assessment Platform

For Grade IX-X students

World's most advanced assessment platform for stream selection, career guidance & counselling

Training Centers &amp; Innovative Content
Training Centers & Innovative Content
Nursery to Grade 5 

Unlock Talent Activity Centers 

A unique learning center for kids to develop core learning abilities

We are the developers of world's most advanced mental ability (cognitive) tests & assessments, especially for children & school students.

We are the developers of world's most innovative & creative programs for children to make them skilled, talented & mentally fit. To fulfil our core objectives we are building World's 1st Smart Parenting Cities.

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