Mission Great India

  1. Stop online tuition culture
  2. Save kids from Tv, Mobile addiction
  3. Test, identify & build every child's real talent
  4. Start giving guaranteed results in educational programs
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Mission "Rich Bharat Great India" by HK Nanda

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Our Solutions for The Mission

Program 1 (Intellithon)
To Remove Tv-Mobile Addiction
To Build Real Talent

Busy & motivated kids don't need Tv-Mobile

For Class Nursery to Class 9th

(100% Performance Guarantee or Money Back 1 year Program)
Nursery - 9th
Product 2 (Unlock Test)
Test to Identify Hidden Talent & Mental Abilities

Talented & mentally smart kids are better performers

(World's Most Advanced Test for Class Nursery to Class 8th Children)
Nursery - 8th
Product 3 (Streampik Test)
Test for Class 9th-10th students to select the best stream out of arts, medical, non-medical, commerce

Stream selection is the most important decision. Take it wisely & scientifically

(India's 1st scientifically valid test)
Remove Tv-Mobile Addiction
Kids are naughty & have extra energy. To channelize their energy, we engage them in 30 competition activities every month. Participation in all competitions is free of cost. We charge a nominal platform maintenance cost of Rs.900/- per year. Parents love this program. A big relief for parents who want to do something for kids but don't have planned resources. For Nursery - Class 9th.
Intellithon for Kids

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Build Talent & Skills

We Take Test

An online test to find out the complete learning nature of a child. You will come to know child's mental abilities, strengths & weaker areas.

We Provide Solutions

Based on the test result, strengths & weaker areas, we deliver practice worksheets, activities, parental guidance & solutions.
Test & build your child's real talent with kidsunlock.com

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Test Mental Abilities & Talent
For Nursery to Class 8th. We conduct world's most advanced tests to find out learning nature, real talent & mental abilities of children. It is an online test that tests iq, focus-concentration, creativity & decision making in children. It also finds out the learning style, speed & strengths of a child.
Know your child's real talent & mental abilities with UNLOCK TEST developed by cracslab

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Test & Guidance for 9th-10th
StreamPik is the World's Most Advanced & India's 1st Scientifically Validated Test to help Students select the most suitable stream after class 10th. It guides about the most suitable stream based on your strengths, natural & cognitive (mental) abilities.
StreamPik - Select your stream after class X wisely. streampik.com

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All our programs are scientifically valid, & their evidence of effectiveness are published in highly reputed journals
"India's 1st educational programs that give 100% guaranteed results or 100% money back."
Business Opportunity
(“GREAT BHARAT” Expansion Plan)
Join the mission as our partner, you will be given product & business training both. Marketing is very simple & effective; maximum business comes with school tie-ups, digital & small social events. We provide all marketing designs, like flyer designs, your unique discount codes, marketing brochures, vis cards, social media designs, power point presentations, mktg videos, school proposals & parent circulars.
Limited Launch Offer
Our business model is simple.
First you register for any 1 product or all 3 products. You get complete training of the products & business. When you start doing business "the first sales revenue of Rs.50,000/- belongs 100% to you". We want you to learn first; fast; and be a partner in progress.
One time registration fee is Rs.5000/- per product.
As soon as you register; you will receive call/email from our side to schedule your training & to get your marketing designs. For city, state exclusive franchise rights you may contact us.
Partner With CRACS

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Marketing Designs
click to enlarge, hindi versions also available, power point presentations, marketing & training videos, printable designs, and marketing documents required for school business are also provided
Corporate Office
Special Help lines: 9041650633, 9780019744
Corporate Identity Details
GST Number: 03AAJCM167N1Z8
CRACS is a regd. trademark
A/c Name : Maxpro Intellithon Ltd.
Bank : Bank of Baroda
Branch : Sector 71 Mohali, Punjab
Bank Account : 46110200000004
Bank MICR Code : 160012024
Bank Neft Code : BARB0SASMOH