Views of Noteworthy Educators

Dr.Jagdish Gandhi, Founder, City Montessori School, Lucknow
“We need a broader bolder education model for the 21st century; which is holistic in nature, includes experiential learning and encompasses all three realities of a man - material, human and divine.”
Lt.Gen. Surendra Kulkarni, PVSM, AVSM, VSM** (Retd), Director, Mayo College, Ajmer
“Every child is born curious but as he grows, the curiosity is dumbed down; an environment that does not foster curiosity puts the brain into hibernation.”
Major General Sanjiv Varma ,VSM (retd.), Director YPS Patiala
“Economies are going to require thinking and not just knowledgeable individuals. The same requires an environment conducive to learning wherein the uniqueness in each child is appreciated and developed.”
Dr.Jagpreet Singh, Headmaster, PPS Nabha
“An ideal learning environment should be providing the means and not thrusting the ends.  Not every child is made for every job but there is at least one job or one field for every child. The earlier the child finds out that field, the better.”
Ms.Suniti Sharma, Principal Maharani Gaytari Devi Public School, Jaipur
“Each child is unique and constructs knowledge in his own way.”
Mr.Amarbir Singh Sidhu, Director Principal, Saupin’s School, Mohali
“Customization obliges very well trained teachers and a high teacher: student ratio and both these factors are limited by constraints of budget.”
Mr.H.S. Mamik ,Chairman, Vivek High School, Chandigarh
“The child has to be worked upon in the golden years i.e. 2-6 years.”
Meenu Sahi Mamik, Head Junior Wing, Vivek High School, Mohali
“A child learns less from a teacher than from a more competent peer”
Mrs.Lalita Parkash, Director, Ashiana Public School, Chandigarh
“Education deliverables are not what they should be. Education in the true sense is enriching the child intellectually, morally and emotionally. It is about developing creativity, broadening the attention span and improving the decision making ability of a child.” 
Mr.Sahiljit Singh Sandhu , Managing Trustee, Springdale Education Society , Amritsar
“A child finds joy in learning through self- exploration, that joy fosters a learning appetite which in most cases lasts a lifetime.”
Mr.Mitul Dikshit,Director, Dikshant International School, Zirakpur
“The future of education is to reach out to each and every child.”
Mr.Jorawar Singh, Principal, Cambridge International School, Phagwara
“A child is innocent and inquisitive but the curiosity of the child has to be fed in the right way; if it is not fed in the right way it will be thwarted for life.”
Mr.Anit Arora, Principal, Cambridge Dasuya
“We need to sit back and question as to why Dronacharya trained Arjun, and not Bheem in archery.”
Mrs.Sonia Walia, Principal, Cambridge International School, Nawanshahar
“Nowadays, parents have become akin to hovering helicopters. They are catering to the material whims and fancies of the child but are not really helping them move up the learning graph.”
Ms.Yachna Chawla, Principal Cambridge School, Hoshiarpur
“More than smart classrooms, we need smart teachers.”
Ms.S.Chauhan, Principal Ivy World School, Jalandhar
 “Children of today will be competing with robots of tomorrow”
Mrs.Gunmeet Kaur, Principal, MGN Public School, Jalandhar
“The purpose of education is to facilitate the growth of an individual; but that is not being achieved.”
Ms.Rajni, Principal Ryan International School, Amritsar
 “If the child is allowed to explore the environment, he would enjoy the experience of learning.”
Mr.Prashant Kumar Goyal, Director General, Punjab School Education Board
“The purpose of education cannot be limited to employability; developing reasoning and life skills is of paramount importance.”