"More than 98% students select their career stream by following advice of their friends or parents, or by looking at social status of others, personal liking, fears or insecurities. No scientific method or guidance tool is followed."

To build a great career right stream selection is the key. Take a wise and scientific decision. Take your streampik test & assessment today. 

About Streampik

Streampik is the world's most advanced & reliable assessment to test natural ability, learning nature, strengths & weaker areas of students. Top educators and counsellors offer their expert guidance and counseling services based on streampik analysis.


StreamPik is an online assessment tool for students to make informed career decisions


It's expert algorithm analyses complete learning nature & mental abilities of students


Based on the analysis it guides you about the most suitable stream and career choices for you

Why Choose Streampik

Streampik is scientifically validated and standardized with evidence of effectivess


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Report published in International Journal of Indian Psychology


Streampik Effectiveness

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Report published in Infokara - UGC Approved Group A Journal


For Career Guides & Counsellors

To be a great career coach or a guide you need a validated and reliable assessment platform. We provide both, formal training & professional dashboard, for you to start your own career guidance and counselling services.

Streampik Vs All Others

Streampik is a valid Cognitive Ability Assessment Tool

Cognitive Ability Testing (Streampik)

They are among the most accurate (in technical terms, reliable, and valid) of all psychological tests and assessments. It measures your entire thinking process, mental abilities like dynamic IQ, focus, decision making ability/speed, strengths & learning nature.

Aptitude Testing (Others)

Aptitude is a test of your ability to perform a certain task. It cannot measure your cognitive abilities, learning nature and core skill sets. Besides, other aptitude tests are very general in nature and their reliability is questionable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Test or Assessment to select a stream?
How does Stream Selection Test or StreamPik Assessment help me?
What strengths & skills StreamPik identifies?
Why StreamPik is the best choice for me?
When should I start thinking about stream selection, 9th or 10th?
Which stream is the best for a high paying profession or career? Arts, Medical, Commerce or Non-Medical?
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