Unlock Data Science

"for the smartest schools to make informed decisions based on the data that matters the most"

Make informed decisions based on cognitive & natural ability of students
Bring schools teachers, students and parents on the same page with the help of data
Identify early to unlock the hidden potential of every student
Diagnostics based predictive analysis with personalized learning atmosphere for all
Quantification of human mindset can help deliver predictive analysis for the ways and methods to adopt to maximize cognitive efficiency. UDS facilitates standardized diagnostics to test & analyse the most critical cognitive abilities and deliver solutions to improve core learning skills.

How it Works

UDS Platform delivers invaluable forward guidance, analysis and insights about your students that can help develop their self-confidence and core learning skills. 
<p>Cognitive AbilityTest &amp; Assessments</p>

Cognitive AbilityTest & Assessments

Captures learning nature of every student
<p>Cognitive Enhancement Tasks &amp; Activities</p>

Cognitive Enhancement Tasks & Activities

Improves core learning skill set of every student
<p>360 Degree Personalized Learning Atmosphere</p>

360 Degree Personalized Learning Atmosphere

Improves engagement & inclination in academics

UDS Process for Students/Parents

Step 1] Cognitive Assessment of Students

Online cognitive assessment is conducted to test core mental abilities, skill set and learning nature of a student. 1.Natural Ability
2.Focus-Concentration Level
3.Decision Making Ability
4.Creative Quotient
5.Intelligence Quotient
6.Learning Style
7.Learning Speed
8.Cognitive Efficiency
9.Thinking Pattern
10.Estimation Level

Step 2] Customized Tasks & Activities

Personalized learning activities and tasks are delivered to improve learning skills, core mental and natural abilities.
It includes cognitive task worksheets, performance based experiential tasks, observational or audio-visual activities.

Step 3] Personalized Learning Atmosphere

UDS offers the most relevant and valid recommendations to create a 360 degree personalized learning experience.
Learning nature centric books, games and movies are proposed to boost learner’s social, personal and experiential engagement.

How [Data Science] Empowers Your School

Work Around Real Data. Scientifically guide parents about their child's true potential and offer customized activities.
Assign test-assessments to all students to identify their unique learning nature
Share predictive analysis of each student with their parents
Filter students based on strengths & abilities in your classroom
Find out the root cause behind students performance and deliver forward guidance

UDS [Key Features] for Schools

Identify & filter students on the basis of their cognitive abilities
Identify & filter students on the basis of their learning nature
You can also guide students about stream & career selection

Meaningful Benefits

Students with better cognitive abilities and self confidence perform better in academics
Students when engaged in personalized learning activities become naturally inclined to academics
Early identification of cognitive abilities and learning nature of students can help improve their self confidence & academic engagement
What works for one student, may not work for others. Schools need to identify and address the unique needs of every student, without distracting academic goals. And importantly without putting additional pressure on teachers. UDS scores over everything.


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